My name is Sammie Herrick. I’m originally from Boston, but have been living as an expat throughout Asia and the Middle East for about 5 years now! I have lived in Japan and Taiwan and am currently living in Israel. 


 I have a huge passion for Asian and Middle Eastern cultures and exploring all things on the Asian continent (and beyond!) I have made my way through 8 out of the 47 countries on the continent and look forward to continuing my exploration from the Middle East to the Far East. 

I'm a data scientist, a content creator, a traveler, an adventurer and bun mom to my Lionhead bunny named Fig!

What started as a blog to update my family on my travels, turned into an all out passion project for helping others to learn about and explore Asia in a meaningful way as well as giving potential expats the tools they need to live in Asia or the Middle East successfully long term!

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