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Top 5 Instagrammable Boston Spots for Autumn

New England has a plethora of Instagrammable fall places, from Salem (Sanderson sisters anyone?!) to Acadia National Park (say hello to perfect fall foliage) but there are plenty of places directly in Downtown Boston! No need to travel hours to get the perfect fall Instagram location or even take public transport. These are all located conveniently in the downtown area, but you'd never know it from the photos! Here are my Top 5 Instagram spots for Autumn right here in Boston!

1. Acorn Street

Now, lets be real, Acorn Street is perfect anytime of year...but there's something extra special about it in the fall. This is not necessarily a hidden gem (it's actually the most highly photographed street in Boston!) but it's definitely worthy of being first on the list. There is a reason everyone loves it here. It's quintessential New England with it's charming cobble stones and beautiful brick buildings. It also has plenty of trees, which means perfect fall foliage.

Photo tip: Keep in mind that this is the most photographed street, so you will need to go at off times if you don't want people in the background of your picture! I actually headed there at 7am on a Sunday and had two other people wanting to take photos as well. So the earlier the better! Or just wait a bit...people are generally very kind and will wait their turn so that everyone can get a good photo.

Surrounding area tip: Although Acorn Street is 100% worth a visit, do not discount the rest of Beacon Hill! Most homeowners in the area will fill their doors and stoops with gorgeous fall decor. Completely Instagrammable and you can find tons of them in a row!

2. The Boston Public Garden Foot Bridge

As with Acorn Street, the Boston Public Garden Foot Bridge is Instagrammable every day of the year, but the fall foliage in the garden is breathtaking. What makes it extra nice is the variety of flora near the bridge. There are trees that don't change colors (like the weeping willows that stay a beautiful bright green, even in the fall) alongside the stunning sugar maples that turn deep orange. All the different colors reflect perfectly off the river surrounding the bridge and this combo makes for one flawless Instagrammable view.

Photo tip: Generally, the same tip as above...this bridge is not only popular for tourists but its just generally a convenient throughway for locals. I often walk through just to get from one side of Boston to the other, and youll see lots of people just passing through on their way to get lunch, go shopping etc. So its tough to find it empty enough for a good photo if you go in the afternoons (on any day of the week really). So again, highly suggest some early morning shoots here!

Surrounding area tip: This is really close by to photo suggestion #3 (see below!) So you can definitely group these photoshoots together. They are a quick (and scenic) 5 minute walk apart from each other.

3. Boston Common Parkman Bandstand

This cool gazebo like structure is a Boston Common landmark but in my opinion is definitely most photogenic in the autumn months. The Bandstand is surrounded by stone pathways, but past that, are lots of trees that all turn in the fall. It's just a pure New England scene. It's great for both a straight on photo and aerial shots. Surprisingly, its usually less crowded in this area of the Common as well, so no worries about getting there super early (although, as noted above, its super close to the Bridge, which you will definitely want to do earlier if possible).

Now, the above three locations are perfect for stunning fall foliage and elegant Boston landscapes. But, if youre more into the spooky aspects of fall, keep on reading! The next two locations are pure Halloween spookiness.

4. Harbor Fog

Harbor Fog is a complete and total hidden gem. It's an interactive art instillation hidden in the Rose Kennedy Greenway. It's interactive because as you walk by, there are motion sensors inside the statues that release fog and lights, making for a really cool scene! It's located right past the Aquarium but before you get to Rowes Wharf Garage. It's in the Greenway, but a bit covered by trees, so you will need to make sure to keep your eyes peeled! It's not very well known, so you can pretty much go anytime!

Photo tip: It's worth noting that in the colder weather, the fog will turn off. So, keep that in mind when you plan your trip. The best time to go is either in slightly warmer fall weather, or actually in the winter when the bright lights reflect of the snow. But, were focused on fall here (no snow yet!) so head over when the weather is mild and youll get all the fog and the lights to enjoy!!

5. King's Chapel Burying Ground

If you're truly into the spooky Halloween aspect of fall, King's Chapel Burying Ground is your Downtown Boston stop! The cemetery is Boston's oldest burying place (which is pretty cool in its own right). There are graves from the 1600s here, including the first woman to come off of the Mayflower and the first Governor of Massachusetts. This is truly a piece of history (and it's actually on the Freedom Trail, if you want to soak in even more history!)

Photo tip: The Burying Ground is now gated, and the gates dont open until 9am, so you will have to make sure to go during opening hours. As always with places where people are buried, be respectful when taking photos here!

Surrounding area tip: If you walk up the east side of Boston Common (#3 above) near Tremont Street, you will come right up on the Burying Ground!

Enjoy and explore friends!


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