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"How do you handle the highs and lows?"

If youve read my blog from the beginning (I know there have been an influx of new readers welcome! So glad youre here!), you know I am pretty good about giving both the positive and negatives that come along with living abroad. And although I am generally a very positive person, sometimes (as we all know) life can get overwhelming and hard. Well, lately I've been on quite a bit of a high, but that follows a real low few weeks for me. After I got back to Israel from South Africa and from visiting my family at home, I was in a bit of a funk. I wasn't super happy with my job situation (or lack there of), I felt a little bit lost with what I should be doing and contributing to my life and I desperately missed my family. I felt like maybe my time in Israel was ending and I should come back to the US...but as is with life...everything turned around. And all at once.

This feeling has definitely happened to me more than once since my move to Israel. I think sometimes I forget what a huge life change I have given myself and that even 1.5 years in, I need to be patient with myself as I figure things out and recalibrate. As I've written about in the past, in the US I had a plan...and a pretty solid one at that. I didnt see much changing in that plan for myself. But when I moved to Israel, everything was different and I created a lot of disruption for myself (and a lot of great opportunities!) I have had three different full time jobs in a matter of 18 months, lived in two apartments (and am thinking about looking for a new one), hit pause on completing my second masters, tried (and am still desperately trying) to learn a new language, adopted a bunny, moved in with Alon, traveled both in and out of Israel, and just tried to figure out my life generally. All of this is bound to lead to ups and downs (and it most certainly has). I will say, I've without question had more ups than downs and I'm very thankful for every moment I've gone through to get where I am.

While I was a bit down a few weeks ago, in order to help give myself something to look forward to and to help give me some mental clarity, I booked an impromptu trip back to the USA to visit my family. I love adventuring all over and I have often lived far away from my family during various points in my life, but I also know that I am not complete without them and that when I am feeling down, they are the only thing that can make it better. So even just knowing the trip was a few weeks out already helped turn my mood around.

Then, no sooner had I planned my trip, I got a job offer from a fantastic company in Tel Aviv. I have been consulting/freelancing full time. Work wise, it's been interesting and fulfilling (when I have enough work hours) but personally, it left a lot to be desired. Working from home, never getting out much, and not having social interactions/friends from work was starting to take a toll on my me. I'm still relatively new to Israel (just 1.5 years) and sitting at home all day every day was not what I wanted. The company is super flexible on working hours and vacation days so I can continue to travel as usual, but I now have more solid interesting projects to work on, a space to work outside of my house, and new friends! I could not be more excited!

Once I felt more fulfilled and excited about work and seeing my family, my whole attitude just turned around and life followed. I feel more content now than ever before in Israel. I think having low periods just makes the highs better. Nothing good can come without some kind of adversity and in the big scheme of things, mine was very small. As I've come to realize time and time again in Israel, you get back what you put out. Put out happy good vibes, and that is what you receive in return. It's hard to do when times are hard but an attitude change really can make all the difference (and visiting with my adorable nephews didnt hurt either!)

Stay tuned for my next post about my visit to the USA and my subsequent return to Israel.

Also...exciting news for my all of my current blog followers: I have a new website launching tomorrow!!!

Unfortunately, you will not be re-subscribed to the new site, so make sure to head over to, check it out and subscribe!!!

This will officially be the last blog on and all future blogs will be on the new (and improved) site! YAY!

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