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Beck’s Safari Lodge
Location: Karangwe Game Reserve

Amenities: Wifi in all areas, outdoor pool, full service bar, full service spa

Lodging: Luxury safari suites

Reasons why I love it: Beck’s Safari Lodge is African luxury at it’s finest. They have thought about every detail of every aspect of your stay. The luxury suites are very large and overlooking the reserve. Animals can roam right outside your door or you can sit and watch them from your big outdoor deck. The rooms have an outdoor shower, a large bath, a desk, a king size bed and AC. Perhaps the best part of staying at Beck’s Safari Lodge is that you are literally on the reserve ready for safari. They have their own safari guides and trackers ready to take you out on safari every day (and they are AMAZING). They are extremely knowledgeable and kind and will make your stay absolutely unforgettable.

Muluwa Lodge
Location: Mpumalanga Lowveld region

Amenities: Wifi in the lodge area, outdoor pool, full service bar

Lodging: Luxury tents, luxury suites, superior rooms

Reasons why I love it: Muluwa Lodge is the definition of “glamping”. I stayed in a luxury tent, and it’s the perfect mix of camping and lavishness. It may look like an ordinary tent on the outside (with no wifi in the tent) but inside it’s decked out with AC, king size bed, and a spa-like bathroom area.
The greater lodge area is filled with animals, from wildebeests to zebras to kudus and more! They have walking trails all around the grounds that allow guests to walk, explore, and see animals up close.
The food is absolutely delicious, with the chef being very considerate of dietary restrictions (including amazing vegetarian food!). Both plated meals and buffet style are available.

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