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Pandanus Resort
Location: Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan

Amenities: Wifi, outdoor pool, full service bars, full service spa

Lodging: Rooms, suites and bungalows

Reasons why I love it: Pandanus Resort is the only resort in Vietnam that has a true “All-inclusive” package…and it’s totally worth it. It’s right on the beach, making for stunning views. It also has a large outdoor pool, complete with an outdoor bar. The all-inclusive package includes one spa treatment per day, with offerings including massages on the beach. The resort itself is a tropical paradise where you are pampered 24/7. They also offer Vietnamese cooking classes and tours of the Phan Thiet fishing village and Fairy Stream. They are located really close to the Vietnamese sand dunes, which is a must-see at sunset. The food is incredible and diverse, and available anytime youre hungry.

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