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The Day Before I Become an Expat in Taiwan

Today is Tuesday, July 29th…the day before I leave the US for 12 months to become a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. I am excited. Slightly nervous due to the fact that I am still packing…in three bags since I could not fit my belongings in the allowed maximum of two. So…overage fees here I come. Sad but necessary. The three pound bag of M&Ms and the XL jars of peanut butter are a must. I’ll pay $200 for that any day.

Anyway, I am ready with rain boots, two rain jackets and a poncho for good measure. I’ve been told it rains a lot in Yilan. My Chinese is still minimal so we will see how I fair once I arrive…but for now I could not be more optimistic and excited for this experience! Yilan, I’m comin’ for ya!

For those of you that have no idea what I’m doing over there…here is a brief summary…but to be honest, I’m not really sure either at the moment. I am going to Yilan, Taiwan (North East) to teach English for 12 months. I am not sure what grade I am teaching yet because we will tour all the schools once we get there, and make our choices from there. I (thankfully) will not be the only person in the classroom and will have a Chinese speaking teacher to help me along. Yilan County is known for good hiking, rock climbing, beautiful waterfalls, mountains, and hot springs…so if I’m not teaching I will be doing all sorts of nature-y things (:

I will post again upon arrival in Taiwan!!!!

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