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The First Fail in Taiwan (It's Only Day Two...)

Today we spent the day exploring Luodong. We ended up having to stop into more shops than originally anticipated just to use their AC. Walking around get so hot, but it was so fun! Kerry & Lakyn (my fellow Fulbright grantees and roommates) and I explored for almost four hours! We bought things for the house, but for the most part were waiting to make sure we actually end up living here. (*Depending on if we pick/get assigned to a school far away from this apartment, we might have to move in a month!) But, the three of us want to stay, and if we do, we have plenty of decorating plans. We found so many fun shops and stores with everything from candy pasta to giant pillows. Speaking of giant pillows, the three roommates got matching giant bunny pillows/stuffed animals. We also got matching smaller versions for our key chains!

Stuffed Animal Bunny

The English in the stores is beyond funny. A folder that reads, “I wish you a happy. Heart is lonely, Where you are, good think you!” and a panda water bottle with panda spelled, “Panada”. A Canadian panda perhaps? So odd. But nonetheless we had a lot of fun seeing what was around. We discovered a McDonalds (theyre everywhere!) and a place called Shark Bites Toast, which we are going to tomorrow for breakfast. It was the first non-savory breakfast things we could find. Asia is a huge fan of the savory breakfast….but I am not. Bring on the pancakes. So, Shark Bites Toast has waffles with bananas and chocolate and ice cream…right up my alley. We (the three roommates) are going with the other 5 people here in Luodong.

Shark Bites Toast Taiwan

Today we had our first mishap. I locked myself out of my room! We ended up not having the keys to our own locks so we had to call our landlord to have a locksmith come! They came about 20 minutes after we called and fixed it in no time. New lock and new key! Thank goodness. Our landlord also showed us other things about the house (including how to read the washing machine buttons…things that are so simple in the US are so difficult here!) She was extremely helpful and nice and a great resource to have as we learn our way around.

It rained for the first time in the afternoon today and I now know why things mold here. My room, despite excess damp rid and dehumidifier beads and buckets and the AC on full blast, felt…wet. It is now back to normal, but when it rains all winter, I can see the problem. I think it may be time to go find a real dehumidifier before its too late!! Worth the splurge for sure.

We took a quick nap in the afternoon (still jetlagged!) and then we explored the Luodong Night Market. It’s really famous and it was super crowded. And stiflingly hot. But really cool.  We didnt stay super long because we were tired (and will live right down the street from it for the next 11 months) but we wandered around about two blocks of street vendors, selling everything from noodles to frog eggs. I also had my first encounter with “stinky tofu”. Throwing it out there right now, I am never eating that stuff. Just the smell is the worst thing ever. Luckily, my roommates refuse to try it as well, so we are a stinky tofu free household. We ended up eating green onion pancakes from a street vendor and they were delicious!

Luodong Night Market

Off to bed for now and Taipei tomorrow!!!!! (:

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