Taipei Take Two

So I am finally blogging…a week late, but better late than never! I have had a fairly busy week and it all started with a weekend trip to Taipei! Lakyn, Kerry and I woke up on Saturday morning and made our way to Shark Bites Toast again. We all got french toast with mangos and it was delicious!! Mangos here are SO good. I might be a mango snob upon my return to the USA. Anyway, bellies full of mango and fluffy bread we made our way to the bus station where we ran into Kenya! Kenya is another girl on our program, so she joined us for the day! 

We got off the bus and straight onto the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit…aka the Taiwanese T). After about 35 minutes and many stops later, we were at the Taipei Zoo!! I’ll show you pictures instead of listing everything we saw, because there was a lot. But, notably we saw a baby panda! He was just 1 years old. He was very tiny…but also sleeping when we got to see him. (You get separate tickets for the panda house with a specified times because it’s so popular). So we walked by and took pictures of his back….oh well…still fuzzy and cute!

After the zoo we went to the gondolas! The gondolas are big glass cable cars that take you up a mountain. It was especially cool because we got to go up in daylight/sunset and back down at night so we got all the different views. You can even see Taipei 101! At the top of the mountain, we got off and went to explore a little. Kerry and Kenya rested while Lakyn and I decided to walk up a small mountain…at least part of the way…we just wanted to see what was up there. To our surprise, it was one of the most stunning views I have ever seen. We stopped at a lookout and could see the whole city shadowed in the sunset with mountains in the background and tea fields below us. The pictures are below but dont do it any justice. It was truly amazing. I could have stayed for hours.

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