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The Bird.

So my day started out like any other.  I taught three classes, went to lunch and returned to the English classroom. But then, I had an unexpected visitor.


That guy. He flew into my room and wouldn’t leave. He sat on the desk for about 10 minutes. I tried to sit and talk with him…but I think even my tiny bird voice scared him. He would not take his eyes off me (or maybe he liked me!?! Yeah…I’ll go with that). I didn’t want to scare him any more so I just sat near him and watched him sit…and sit….and sit some more. We had to get him out because we had class in 20 minutes and that would be a disaster! Kids and birds in a small enclosed space do not mix well. So I edged a little closer to my bird friend on the desk, causing him to freak out and fly to the window. Now, let me paint a picture here. My classroom has two walls of windows, eight windows that open top to bottom as well as two doors. While bird sat on the desk, I took it upon myself to open all the windows and doors. Bird of course chooses the one window in the whole classroom that has storm shutters up…aka hes still stuck. He starts throwing himself at the window trying to get out, when if he moved one foot to the left, he could!!! AH BIRD BRAIN!

After about 10 more minutes of struggle, I try and push his window open so he flies elsewhere. I cause him to fly to the other side of the room, hit the part of the window that is still closed, and go to the ceiling to sit on a speaker to recuperate. Poor little nugget! I just want to love him, and he hit his little head on a window! Sophie went to get the janitor while I watched bird sit on the speaker. The janitor came 3 minutes before class started, got bird down with a broom, held him for a while, petting him (SO CUTE) until he was ready to fly. Then, out the door he went, onto the roof of Su-Ao to rest from his traumatic day. Happy Tuesday everyone!


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