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Vegan Cars?!

Yes, you read that right! Cars are on their way to being vegan. Although they arent there yet (who knew that tires and steal and other wires in all cars use animal fat in their production!?) they are getting close. With veganism becoming more and more at the forefront of peoples minds, especially due to ever looming environmental issues caused by the animal industry, car manufacturers are taking part. Volvo is the latest company to begin offering a fully vegan interior, following companies like Tesla and Bentley (who unveiled a car using fake leather made from grapes, how cool is that?!)

So what does it mean to have a vegan interior? It means that there is no leather or wool or animal products anywhere in the interior of the car. Common items are of course, the leather seats, but also steering wheels and gear shifts. As a vegan in todays world, I have been able to find suitable replacements for pretty much everything, so I wasnt expecting my search for a vegan car to be as difficult as it was.

I shared my experience searching for a vegan car with USA Today. Read more about what industry experts are saying and all my thoughts (and what car I ended up with!) in the article below!

In case you arent a subscriber of USA Today, you can check out a full repost of the article on Yahoo! Sports below without a paywall.

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