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"What is mizrahit music?"

So I’ve decided to enlighten my (mostly) American following with some insights into Israel. At the end of each blog post from here on out, I am going to post some useful Hebrew words (looking at you Herrick clan, to prepare for your visits!) as well as an Israeli song. Any of my Israeli friends reading this are probably rolling their eyes at me because apparently my taste in Israeli music is severely lacking. I listen to music that to me sounds like American pop music, but I have been informed many times that it is in fact NOT Israeli pop music, but a genre called ‘mizrahit’. It has the following similar to what country music would have in America….sooo….good start for me here. Either way, I’m spreading the bad (/secretly wonderful) music to all of you!

Anyway, as far as any updates: the Israeli consulate in New York is on strike. They also currently have possession of my passport and Israeli visa. I called and they said they are unsure when I will be getting them back *insert shocked face emoji here*. For a little background: This is why they are on strike.  Also, apparently striking is fairly common in Israel…last time I was there, the train went on strike and I had to go to the airport 4 hours early to avoid the mess. But, it happens, you work around it, it’s fine. So, I’m assuming this will be the same.

I’m also almost done packing up boxes, ready to be sent off to Israel and people are starting to come and buy my furniture. So, my apartment will be pretty bare for the next two months but I’m fine with it because I’M GOING TO ISRAEL! Exactly 10 weeks from today, I will land in Israel. In fact, at this exact time in 10 weeks, I will already be at my Airbnb, hopefully eating some falafel…crazy!

Onto the exciting stuff: Fair warning that most of my useful words will probably be food and drink related….because, priorities. So without further ado, useful Hebrew word #1: מים (ma-im) means water. If you visit me in the summer, you will want a lot of it. #2: קפה (kah-feh) means coffee (shocking). This is for my dad, the avid coffee drinker. #3: יין (yah-een) means wine. Figured I’d stick with the drinks today…also wine is a big thing in Jewish life so, now you know.

Israeli song #1: We’re going to start light with this year’s Eurovision song from Israel. For those who are unfamiliar, Eurovision is a giant song contest with over 50 countries participating. Each country writes a song and performs it on live TV. The people that live in said countries then vote for who they like the best (they cannot vote for their own country). So, this song is Israel’s entry to the contest this year (and not a Mizrahit song). If you ask me, totally has the potential to win. (And it’s in English, for your listening pleasure!)

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