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"What will you do when you get there?"

Alright blog friends…it’s been a while. Mostly because nothing new has been happening. Just a lot of background planning and paperwork. But, I will share some of my planning with you now, just to give some sort of update!

After finding out why I want to move, most people wonder what I will do upon arrival. Giving up an entire life and moving halfway around the world means completely starting over…new house, new job, new language. So, just like the last, this is another loaded question. The easy answer is, I’m not totally sure. Normally, that would scare me, but I’m really okay with it.

Here’s what I do have planned:

I will arrive in Israel on July 12th (yes, that’s an official date! I got my plane ticket a few weeks ago!). Just a side note here…getting a one way ticket really made this all real for me. I always knew I was doing it, but now, I’m REALLY doing it. No backing out now. Anyways, I will go through processing at the airport and get all my documents, health insurance, Sal Klita payment #1 etc. Then, I will go to an Airbnb in Tel Aviv.

I decided to get an Airbnb so that I could spend my first two weeks in Israel looking at apartments. I am weary to sign a contract (in Hebrew) for an apartment that I have never seen. So, I am dedicating my first two weeks to finding a place to live, but the Airbnb ensured I would not be homeless upon arrival.

Once I am settled in my new home, I will start Ulpan. Ulpan is an intensive Hebrew school given by the Israeli government. It will be five hours per day, five days per week, for five months. So, I will be doing that most likely through December. I was told by multiple people not to get a job during that time because I will want to focus my time on learning Hebrew. Since Hebrew language is a key to success in Israel, I am taking their advice. I will work for Boston University as a consultant a few hours per week for the months of July, August and September and do some online remote work but for the most part, Hebrew will be the focus. (Side note: I chose an Ulpan right next to the beach…so hopefully I actually end up studying and not swimming in the Mediterranean every day…we’ll see).

I also want to leave time to explore. While I do feel a need to be productive in my first 5-6 months in Israel (and make some money so, you know, I dont end up homeless and unable to pay rent), I also really want to just take it all in. I want to go to Gordon Beach and play volleyball (I am arriving in summer after all, might as well take advantage). I want to go to Aroma and order my first ice coffee completely in Hebrew. I want to go to Shuk HaCarmel and buy local fruit. I want to go to La Fromaggerie and get their famous sandwich (yes, this place only sells one sandwich because it’s apparently that good). I want to have a picnic in Park Hayarkon. I could go on…you get it. There’s a lot I want to experience and what better time than upon arrival…before I get a full time job and am consumed once again by working life. This will be a six month hiatus essentially and you better be sure I am going to soak in every minute.

I will also need free time to make friends and become comfortable with Israeli life, so I’m really looking forward to my first six months (well…the rest of it too but lets not get ahead of ourselves). I cannot wait for the first time in a long time to not have a plan. To not be thinking five steps ahead. To just live in the miracle that is my new Israeli life.

So if youre wondering why I havent written in so long…that’s why. I don’t really have any solid plans to share. If something comes up, I’ll let ya’ll know but for now, I’m winging it! I am officially 11.5 weeks (were talking in weeks here, people!! SO SOON!) out from my one way plane ride to Tel Aviv. This weekend, I am posting my furniture on Craigslist and getting quotes for shipping some boxes to the homeland…things are getting real.

Shabbat shalom and see you soon Tel Aviv!

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