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"You have a new website?!"

Yes, friends! Welcome to the new website!! I have officially migrated all of my blog posts and travels to a new platform (plus added a bunch of new cool stuff with more to come!) Wahoo!!! My old site started out as a small blog for myself and my family when I moved to Israel but I realized to my surprise, that it grew quite the following! It wasn't really set up for that kind of traffic, so it was time to upgrade! Unfortunately, my followers from the old site will not be automatically re-subscribed to the new site, so make sure to Subscribe here for all the fun life and travel updates! I already have some collaborations set up for 2019, so I'm super excited to start traveling and document it all right here! (If you have any travel questions, feel free to contact me!)

As you can tell from my surplus use of exclamation points, I'm very excited about this new site! If you have anything you'd like to see more of, let me know.

Also for more travel fun, follow my Pinterest (for lots of behind the scenes pictures that won't make the cut for Instagram) and my Instagram (for all the wanderlust!)

Anyways, stay tuned for a blog post about my trip to the USA coming within the week!

Welcome friends!!!!! (: Glad youre here!

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