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Spend a Magical Weekend in Mui Ne Vietnam

Mui Ne is a town in Southeast Vietnam. It's a fishing village smattered with high end resorts. If youre looking for somewhere to stay for the weekend, I highly recommend Pandanus Resort. You can see my thoughts on the resort here, but it's the only resort in all of Vietnam that offers an all-inclusive package. And the package is totally worth it (hello bottomless drinks and daily massages on the beach!) One great thing about the resort is they will help plan all your trips to all the local attractions. Here's what's on my list of things you can't miss in Mui Ne:

1. The sand dunes: The sand dunes are an absolute perfect way to spend sunset in Mui Ne. There are two large dunes in Phan Thiet area (where Mui Ne is located): the white dunes and then the smaller red dunes. The Red Dunes (Doi Cat) are a short walk from Pandanus Resort, or simply ask the front desk wherever you stay and they should be able to arrange transportation. The sand dunes cover about 50 hectares, so they stretch as far as the eye can see. The white dunes are actually more popular, but I thought the red dunes were absolutely spectacular. The color in the sunset is a true sight to behold. You will run into some local kids that want you to pay them to sled down the dunes, but otherwise it's pretty peaceful. I spent about 2 hours there and loved every second!

2. Fairy Stream: Fairy stream is a great place to visit on a nice afternoon. It's essentially a long winding stream (only about ankle deep) surrounded by gorgeous rock formations. The area has red clay so the base of the stream and the rocks that surround it are a bright reddish orange hue. This against the bright blue sky makes for stunning photo ops! It takes about an hour or so to walk to the end of the stream, making it a fantastic afternoon outing.

3. The local market: About 4km from Fairy Stream (and a nice walk through Mui Ne if you are in the mood for some more exercise!) is the local market. This is not so much a tourist attraction, but actually where the locals shop, so it's a good way to get some of the local culture into your short trip. It's also a nice place to try local fruits and foods!

4. The Mui Ne Harbor: As I mentioned before, Mui Ne is a fishing village, so seeing the locals at work is really interesting. You will want to head here for sunrise, as the fisherman are up and out early. You can walk along the stunning beaches and watch all the tiny boats go out to fish. All the boats are painted in bright colors, making the scene simply picturesque.

Just a fair warning: for me, Mui Ne was totally worth the trip. But, it is quite a ways from the airport. It's about 4 hours away from the airport in Ho Chi Minh City. But most resorts will send a car for you!


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